The Blue Parrot Sneaks Up Behind The Green Parrot. What The Bird Says? OMG!

About This Video:

Here we have two amazing brothers, Fabio and Gabriel. They are Indian Ringneck parrots, and traditionally this breed has a rep for being difficult pets and not being very affectionate. But these qualities are not always the case in these types of birds. Parrots all have different personalities. And usually, they all are very good pets which require little attention especially when you have a pair of them!

 Case in point are these two brothers. Once you watch their interaction with one another you will see just how special a connection they have, and how they love to talk to one another.

The Ringnecks especially like to learn how to speak and love to mimic human speech. Here they have some downright hilarious interactions with one another as well as their owner. You would never, ever, get bored listening to these two gibber-gabber away! This is such a trip watching these two birds speak like this!

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