A mama bear and her cubs swam at the beach while humans watch in disbelief

About This Video:

If you’re not Russian you could find it hard to believe that massive, wild bears could be anything but hungry when they’re not hibernating for the winter, but it seems the heat isn’t just getting to us humans anymore and some of the wildlife is starting to look for ways to beat it as well!

 That’s where this video comes into play, a family of bears figured out that there’s just no better way to get some relief from the sun and the heat than by taking a trip to the beach – the only problem with that is that the beach they wanted to go to was currently being used by hundreds of people with the exact same idea. Of course this didn’t stop them and they continued along to the ocean water, except they decided the other people just weren’t worth the effort to chase down at the time and the humans felt the same!

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